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    The Caped Critters are fictional.  We do not endorse cloning animals in reality.
                                               What and Who are the Caped Critters ?

      The Caped Critters, aka the heterogenic hybrids, are a  "sort of superhero" group formed because the Earth's animal critters needed critters like themselves who would represent them and bring thier problems to Humans attention in hope of ever more Human help.  The four Caped Critters are Liolamb (lion/lamb), Pupkit (dog/cat), Panduck (panda/ duck -from Peking) and Parocat (parrot/cat) hybrid critters.

     Many of their problems are caused by climate change- increased flooding and fires destroying animals habitats.  This is why the Caped Critters capes are green.  The green represents the environment and their beloved Earth.

     On the critters, stories page, there are stories about the Caped Critters and their efforts to help their fellow animal critters.  The very first story tells how the heterogenic hybrids, Liolamb, Pupkit, Panduck and Parocat were created.  It goes on to tell about their first adventure in bringing attention to the wild dogs of Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.  The blog has characters, real and fictional and their benefit to the planet or their plight therein.  Some is serious.  Some is just fun.  It's a "work in progress".

      Your pets and animal friends can help bring attention to the Caped Critters efforts by joining the Caped Critters Crusade (and parade).  The animal critters of the world need this to be a movement- a Crusade.  Please help!    Like  the Caped Critters and Eagalo on Facebook and right here on the Critters website.

      In 2019, the Caped Critters will actively support Eagalo for President   Eagalo, half Eagle and half buffalo (bison) is the perfect all American critter and the only candidate whose priority is speaking for America's animal critters.  Anyone, all species and all ages, will be able to vote for Eagalo on this website  and on Eagalo's facebook page.  As of February, 2019--the campaign is still a work in progress                      
                                                                             courtesy:  the Critters Party


 Caped Critters' Crusade

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                      Liolamb                                               Pupkit                           Panduck                   Parocat

 Endorsment Statement                      "Roar-baa", "Meow-woof"
   "whinney-quack", "meow-squawk"
    Endorsed  by;  Honey Bees United​                                    & the (green) Caped Critters       

Cats & Dogs go belly up for Eagalo

                Original CAPED CRITTERs (aka heterogenic hybrids):  4 hybrid critters - Liolamb, Pupkit, Panduck & Parocat
                                            whose mission it is to help all of the animal critters of the Earth.

                Your pet / animal friend  can join the Caped Critters' parade to represent Earth's animals and receive a
                                        Caped Critters certificate in grateful acknowledgement of their contributions
                                                       to the betterment of their human companions' lives.