Join the caped critters crusade ​​

                make the liola​!mb roar
   Every pet animal / critter is a hero who deserves a certifucate acknowledging that fact.  

     Your pet can 

            1. Join the Caped Critters parade
            2. Receieve an Honorary Caped
                    Critter Certificate.

             3. Get a 5" x 7" hand done
                     matted watercolor portrait

              4.  Get a tiny porcelain portrait
​                      sculpture.
      my cat Thor's story
 Thor had a rather nasty tumor on his back.  His friend Kitty had a tumot too but did not survive the tumor operation
   Thor had his operation at the Westside Veterinary linic in Kingston, PA.  He had to wear an e collar for two weeks
  To acknowledge his courage, Thor got the following:
  porcelain portrait 
  just under 2 " high
  Included in Caped Critters' Parade 
  Honorary Caped Critters' Certificate
              8.5" wide  x 11" h
 5 x 7 watercolor (mat size larger)

                Original CAPED CRITTERs (aka heterogenic hybrids):  4 hybrid critters - Liolamb, Pupkit, Panduck & Parocat
                                            whose mission it is to help all of the animal critters of the Earth.

                Your pet / animal friend  can join the Caped Critters' parade to represent Earth's animals and receive a
                                        Caped Critters certificate in grateful acknowledgement of their contributions
                                                       to the betterment of their human companions' lives.